What Happens at Daycare

Doggie Daycare is a safe leash free place for your dogs to come to romp, play, run and chew all day. Dogs are pack animals and have internal instincts.

They play with their teeth and paws like kids play with their feet and hands. So injuries do happen. Nicks, scrapes and occasional puncture wounds can happen.

Some dogs need “time out” on occasion also. If they are getting to aggressive or just too excited they will go into “time out.” We instill the “time out”policy to help keep control and minimize any unforeseen problems.Daycare

Dogs will be dogs and especially in the hot months we keep them as cool as possible. We do have pools and the hose is one of their most favorite games. Dogs at play do get dirty. Rain and snow play can contribute. We will send your dog home as dry as possible.

Dogs who are not used to high levels of activity and out door play sometimes take a while to get used to daycare. Fatigue, sore paws, excessive thirst, or sore muscles are some of the signs.

Water is always available, however your dog may be thirsty when you get home. Excessive water intake may cause an upset stomach or lead to other problems.

(If you are ever worried about the water intake consult your vet about any concerns you may have.)

Benefits for you

  • No surprises when you get home from work
  • Peace of mind knowing your dog isn't alone all day
  • A very happy, tired pooch at the end of the workday

(Timeout rooms/kennels used only when needed)

Doggie Day Care Hours

Mon. - Fri. 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
$25.00 a day
$14.00 1⁄2 day (up to 5 hrs. mornings only)
Ask about our half day
and 2nd dog deals

All fees are due in advance

Master Record Forms Packet PDF
(Required to be on file. Includes: Rules & Regulations, Client Record, Dog Record, Dog's Health Information, and the Policy Agreement)

Forms are in Acrobat PDF documents

Save More With Multi-Day Packages!
Buying a 10-day package is like getting 1 day free.
A 20-day package is like getting 4 days free!

1 Dog/Full Day Packages
Package % OFF Savings Cost/Cost per Day
10 Days 10% $25.00 $225.00/$22.50
15 Days 15% $56.75 $318.25/$21.22
20 Days 20% $100 $400.00/$20.00